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Adam Seishas

Linux Systems Administrator

Adam is well-known to the Stanford community, having spent more than a dozen years on the Service Desk. His primary responsibility in Research Computing is to manage and support the Farmshare systems.

Addis O'Connor

High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems Administrator

Phone: 650-529-5782
Addis is a very hands-on, outgoing linux admin, who loves to network and help users. He came to Stanford from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey and enjoys spending time with family in his spare time. 

Brian Tempero

System Administrator

Phone: 650-724-8122
Brian is our HIVE Systems Administrator and specialist.

Christa Doane

Linux Systems Administrator

Christa joined Research Computing in late February 2018, after working in the Scientific Computing group at SLAC. Her current primary focus is Nero, our on-premise computing environment for high risk data.

John Hanks

HPC Sys Admin

John manages the large complex of systems and storage that comprise the HPC resources for the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine. No one calls him John; he's just Griznog..

Photo of Karl Kornel

Karl Kornel

High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems Administrator

Phone: 650-736-9327
Formerly a member of the Authentication & Collaboration Solutions (ACS) team in Administrative Systems (AS), Karl provides support for several labs on-campus and is a part-time admin of the FarmShare 2 environment. He is the resident Puppet person and is an unofficial liason with other groups in UIT.

Kilian Cavalotti

Sr. HPC Cluster Specialist

Kilian is a High-Performance Geek with a passion for putting Petaflops together. He often brags about having his 4th system on the first page of the Top 500 list. He also loves to move Petabytes around. A lot.


Mark Piercy

Research Computing Technical Liaison

Phone: 650-721-4040
Mark has been working at Stanford in research and software development for over 15 years.  He has worked at The Genome Technology Center, HighWire Press, the Genetics Department and most recently at the Pande Lab on the Folding@home project.  His last project was the launch and back-end administration of the Folding@home mobile client.  Mark is also an artist and teaches at the Ceramics Studio here on campus.

neal pic

Neal Soderquist

Windows Systems Engineer

Phone: 650-736-8103
Neal is our Windows Systems Engineer and supports several Population Health Sciences (PHS) systems. Prior to joining our team, Neal worked with Engineering IT and brings over 10 years of Stanford experience.

Phil Reese

Research Computing Strategist

Phone: 650-723-4328
Phil has been involved in technology for >25 years. He worked 10 years at USC.  He has been at Stanford University since 2002. One of his roles is to interact with campus faculty to encourage and help them move their research computing to the Sherlock shared cluster or to the Stanford Research Computing Facility (SRCF), a high density, ambient air- cooled data center.

Randy Melen

Linux Systems Administrator

Randy joined Research Computing, coming out of retirement after a distinguished career at Stanford and SLAC. His current role is as our research information security analyst.

ruth pic

Ruth Marinshaw

CTO - Research Computing

Phone: 650-736-9372
Ruth mostly goes to meetings, leaving the real work of running lots of stuff and working with the fabulous user communities to the rest of the team.  She welcomes your ideas about ways the team can better support your research at Stanford.


Scott Prevost

HPC Data Center Manager

Phone: 650-995-4398
Scott has many years experience operating data centers. He has been with Stanford since 2013 when he was hired to manage the new Stanford Research Computing Facility (SRCF). Prior to Stanford, he held several facilities support positions at NASA / Ames Research Center.

Stephane Thiell

High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems Administrator

Stephane (with a silent e) is a Linux HPC System administrator, Lustre parallel filesystem specialist and cluster system tools developer (go check our GitHub!). He also likes to design innovative solutions to address the challenges of Research Computing.


Vanessa Sochat

Research Software Engineer

Vanessa is an Engineer for Research Computing and the Stanford School of Medicine. She specializes in system engineering, infrastructure, and cloud development, and creating computational analyses and workflows. She is the primary developer at Stanford for Singularity, and lead developer of Singularity Hub, a framework optimized for deployment of container-based workflows and "science as a service" capabilities.

William Law

High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems Administrator

Phone: 650-725-8134
William is very interested in applying commodity and web-scale technologies to HPC systems.  He loves learning about new and old systems architectures to drive our capabilities forward.

Zhiyong Zhang

Research Software Developer

Phone: 650-497-4860
Zhiyong is our resident expert in HPC code optimization.