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Introduction to HPC course

February 9, 2022 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

SRCC and Stanford Libraries will be teaching an introduction to HPC course on February 9th, 1-4 pm.  This workshop is an introduction to using high-performance computing systems effectively. We obviously can’t cover every case or give an exhaustive course on parallel programming in just a few hours of teaching time. Instead, this workshop is intended to give students a good introduction and overview of the tools available and how to use them effectively.  By the end of this workshop students will know how to:

  • Connect to a cluster
  • Write simple batch scripts
  • Submit and manage jobs on a cluster
  • Use a job scheduler (SLURM)
  • Transfer files
  • Use software through environment modules with LMOD.
  • Estimate job RAM and CPU requests

Only Stanford Staff, Faculty and Students are eligible to enroll.

Prerequisites: Some Linux command line experience with navigating the file system (ls, and cd commands) and editing files (nano) is required.

Please note:  This class is for people who are beginners to HPC and SLURM. We will not be going into a deep dive on SLURM or sbatch directives. The class is not for people who already have HPC/SLURM experience.

Course Outline

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