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Computational mathematics is at the heart of many engineering and science disciplines and has grown into a strong and very exciting interdisciplinary field of research.

Stanford has offered MS and PhD degrees in computational mathematics for over 30 years. For the last 10 years, ICME has been the central home of computational mathematics on campus. ICME conducts ground breaking research, trains and advises graduate students, and provides over 60 courses in computational mathematics and scientific computing at both the undergraduate and graduate level to the Stanford community.

ICME has built a diverse high performance compute (HPC) infrastructure for its students, faculty, and collaborators.  They aim to create a prototype center in ICME that allows researchers across campus to test their algorithms and computer implementation on the latest architectures.  The Stanford Research Computing Center provides system administration and support for the ICME infrastructure.

See ICME Resources for information on computing policies at Stanford, the ICME Shared Memory Machines, and the Hadoop Cluster.

See ICME High Performance Clusters for information on the GPU and MPI Clusters