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Intro to HPC

Schedule (based on the Carpentry GitHub page)

  Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Why Use a Cluster? Why would I be interested in High Performance Computing (HPC)?
What can I expect to learn from this course?
00:20 2. Working on a Cluster What is a cluster?
How does a cluster work?
How do I log on to a cluster?
00:45 3. Scheduling jobs What is a scheduler and why are they used?
How do I launch a program to run on any one node in the cluster?
How do I capture the output of a program that is run on a node in the cluster?
02:00 4. Accessing software How do we load and unload software packages?
02:45 5. Transferring files How do I upload/download files to the cluster?
03:25 6. Using resources effectively How do we monitor our jobs?
How can I get my jobs scheduled more easily?
03:50 7. Using resources effectively 2 How can I be a responsible cluster user?
04:05 Finish