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More about Farmshare

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The Farmshare resources are focused on making it easier to learn how to parallelize research computing tasks and use research software including a "scheduler" or "distributed resource management system" to submit compute jobs. By using Farmshare, new researchers can more easily adapt to using larger clusters when they have big projects that involve using federally funded resources, shared Stanford clusters, or on a small grant funded cluster. Full SUNet (or sponsorship) required.

Farmshare currently has-

  • 14 login nodes with access to AFS.
  • Five 96 GB (RAM) compute nodes.
  • Two 767 GB RAM compute nodes.
  • Ten 128 GB RAM nodes with an nVidia Tesla K40.
  • Shared storage for your group or class.

More detailed and current information is on the Farmshare wiki.

Shared Computing at Stanford information.