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Tools for Moving and Managing Data

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Command-line Tools and Containers

  • A number of methods allow transferring data in/out of Sherlock and other clusters, and managing data within your project’s directory space. Aside from the Globus web-based interface (see below), you can use SSH-based file transfer commands, such as scp, sftp, or rsync, to connect. For details, see:


  • Globus is a web-based platform for high-speed data transfer. If you have Low or Moderate Risk data, you can use Globus to share it with Stanford colleagues and others. Globus Plus adds subscription-only features paid for by the university, including file sharing, premium storage connectors, and support for protected data—and provide sysadmins with a comprehensive view into how storage systems are being utilized. Globus Plus is available to anyone at Stanford with a full-service (i.e., fully sponsored) SUNetID. (If you have an email address, you can use Stanford’s Globus subscription.)