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News and Research Highlights

Mar 12 2020
While we have taken social distancing precautions for Research Computing (SRCC) staff members due to COVID-19, consistent with Stanford’s overall guidance (such as accommodating remote work for staff when possible), we have not altered the way we operate our systems and services (eg. Farmshare,...
Feb 20 2020
On February 13th SRCC joined members from the Stanford research community  at the Third Annual Campus IT Plan Summit to discuss how to better serve the research needs at Stanford. Sponsored by University IT and hosted by Chief Technology Officer of Research Computing Ruth Marinshaw and Director of...
Dec 19 2019
This is part of our blog series about behind-the-scenes things we do on a regular basis on Sherlock, to keep it up and running in the best possible conditions for our users. Now that Sherlock’s old storage system has been retired, we can finally tell that story. It all happened in 2016. Or:...
Nov 26 2019
Research Software Engineer Stories is a new interview-style podcast designed to spotlight the diverse and interesting people within the research software engineer (RSE) community at Stanford and beyond.
Mar 14 2019
This year's GearUp for research event focused on computing in research.