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SRCC and the Third Annual Campus IT Plan Summit

On February 13th SRCC joined members from the Stanford research community  at the Third Annual Campus IT Plan Summit to discuss how to better serve the research needs at Stanford.

Sponsored by University IT and hosted by Chief Technology Officer of Research Computing Ruth Marinshaw and Director of Research Information Technology and Innovation Zach Chandler, the event inspired and engaged the IT community that supports Stanford’s research mission.

Paul Nuyujukian, assistant professor of bioengineering, kicked off the keynote speaker segment by highlighting a story about a former musician with limited mobility due to Lou Gehrig’s disease.

“Stanford has amazing services for research,” stated Paul, who then described the importance of Stanford’s Sherlock server in supporting that research. 

Paul gave a nutshell version of the entire research process and the types of systems and technology that support each stage, which illustrated the complex ecosystem our research community is working within.

“Most faculty don’t know who to ask, or what to ask for, so get in front of them,” stated Paul. Presentations to faculty about available IT resources and best practices can make a big difference in the way the IT community supports research across all of Stanford. 

Vanessa Sochat, research software engineer, Ailey Crow, staff scientist for the Deisseroth Lab, and Valerie Meausoone, associate director of research data and strategy for the School of Medicine all presented informative and engaging keynotes. In Ruth’s talk that closed out the keynote segment, she stated, “Research IT is something the campus should invest in. We can and we should do better by our faculty.”