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Renewing Your SLAC badge

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Two levels of access are needed to routinely work in the SRCF building: A SLAC badge is needed to access the physical site where the SRCF is located. Once at the site, a Stanford ID card is needed for access to and within the building.

Your SRCF building access is valid until you leave your current Stanford position, or your access is manually removed.  However, access to the SLAC campus automatically expires, and must be renewed every year.  Your badge is normally valid for one year from the date that you last took the ESH training course.  If you are a Foreign National, and your passport or visa expires sooner, then your badge may also expire sooner.

The expiration date is boldly printed on each badge, if you know what to look for.  Your badge's date of expiration is printed in big numbers below your name.

Badges have the specific expiration date printed on them, and look like this:

A SLAC badge with an expiration day, month, and year

If your badge has a date printed on it, your badge expires at Midnight on the printed date, in US Month-Day-Year format.  For example, the above badge expires on November 12, 2022.

You must renew your badge before the expiration date.  Since both badges are required to get in to SRCF, if you do not renew your badge, you will not be able to visit SRCF.

The process below will work for most people, but there are two caveats:

  • If your SLAC status is changing, you will need to go through a new badging process.  For example, if you are leaving Stanford employment and entering SLAC employment.  Or, if you will be accessing other parts of SLAC that need a higher level of training.  In those cases, you will need a new badge.  Instead of following this process, talk to your SLAC manager, or your contact in the other parts of SLAC, and follow their instructions.
  • If you are a Foreign National, look for an email from SLAC's International Services Office in advance of your visa's expiration.  If your badge expires before your visa does, reach out to SLAC's International Services Office yourself.  Make sure everything is up-to-date with them, and then continue the renewal process below.

For everyone else, simply follow the renewal process described below.

Part 1: Look up your SLAC System ID number

At Stanford, your SUID (Stanford University ID) number—your employee or student ID number—identifies you in HR and/or student systems. At SLAC, the equivalent is the "SLAC System ID number", or "SID". You will need this number to access the training portal.

There are two ways you can look up your SLAC System ID number:

  1. If you first got access to SLAC in the 2020s, you should have received an email with the subject "SLAC Site Access Form Requested Completed".  From that email, take "Your SLAC ID#" and remove the leading zeroes.
  2. If you first got access to SLAC before 2020, or you cannot find the email, call SLAC IT at (650) 926-4357, tell them you are a "contingent worker", and ask for your "SLAC System ID number".


Part 2: Take the renewal training

SLAC requires everyone renewing their badge take one online training course:

  • Course 219 - ES&H Orientation Training

SLAC courses are similar to STARS courses: There is a series of recorded slides, along with multiple-choice questions.  You will need a computer with speakers (or headphones).

Here is how to access the SLAC training site and complete the training.

  1. Access the SLAC Web Training Portal.  Your username is your SLAC System ID (SID).

    Starting in mid-2022, users need to set their own password for logging into the SLAC Web Training Portal.  If you last used the training portal before mid-2022, use the password SLACtraining2005!.  When you log in using this password, you will be asked to change it.  Consider using a Password Manager to keep a record of your training site password.

    If you have used the SLAC Web Training Portal since mid-2022, use the password that you chose back then.

  2. On the training site main page, there is a search box in the top-right corner of the page.  You will use that to locate the courses you need to take.  First, search for "219".  That should return the record for Course 219 - ES&H Orientation Training.  Follow the instructions on the course information page to take the course.
    At the end of the course, you'll be given an opportunity to print a course-completion certificate. You should save this as a PDF.
  3. Once completed, close the course window, and you should be taken the Transcript section of the site, which will confirm you have completed Course 219 - ESH Orientation Training. This information will be sent to SLAC Security after about one hour.

If you plan on picking up your new badge today, you should wait 1-2 hours before you go to SLAC.

You can now get your renewed badge!

Part 3: Acquiring your renewed badge

  1. Collect your paperwork.  You will need your existing badge.  You should also have your government-issued identification (Driver's License or equivalent ID card).  Foreign nationals may also need to bring required documents (check with SLAC's International Services Office to be sure).  If you completed training today, you will also need your course completion printouts.
  2. Using the SLAC Main Gate (at 2575 Sand Hill Road), go to Building 53.  Building 53 is the large building directly behind the main gate.  There is parking in front of and around the building.

    Science and User Support Building (SUSB)

  3. Go to the badging office.  Using the main entrance of Building 53, go to the left, down the hall, and the badging office will be on the right.  If someone is at the reception desk, let them know you are here to renew your badge, and they will direct you.
  4. If you still have your badge with you, SLAC Security will collect it at this point.  If your badge was collected at the gate, SLAC Security will check your government-issued identification.  For foreign nationals, SLAC Security will also check your additional documents at this point.  Finally, SLAC Security will issue a replacement badge.
  5. The badging office will take your certificate printouts, and your current badge (or your state-issued ID), and issue a replacement badge.

As of March 2024, the Badging Office is open 7AM to 5PM weekdays, and the SLAC International Services office is open from 9AM to 4:30PM weekdays.  For the most up-to-date information, along with phone numbers, check the VUE Center welcome page.  If you have any other questions about the badging process, contact Scott Prevost.