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Research Computing Slack Workspace

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SRCC Users Slack Workspace

The Stanford Research Computing Center (SRCC) Users Slack Workspace ( has been created to keep our users updated with the latest news on the SRCC systems that they use (Oak, Sherlock, SCG, Nero, Farmshare, etc.), as well as to facilitate communication between users of SRCC systems.

While SRCC staff may monitor these channels, please keep in mind that the best way to get support is to email us at 

You do not need to join our SRCC Users workspace to join the various SRCC channels (see below), as those channels are made available Stanford grid-wide. You may join SRCC channels from any workspace on the Stanford-grid. However, you are welcome to join our SRCC workspace using the following steps:

If you have used the Stanford Slack Grid before, here is what to do:

  1. Browse to If you see a green button that says “Sign in with Stanford”, click on it.
  2. Log in through Stanford Login, with your SUNetID and password.
  3. The next page will say “Workspaces at Stanford University”. In the search box, type srcc  or srcc users and press Enter. You should see one result, which is our workspace “SRCC Users”.
  4. Click on “View Details”, and then “Join”.

Once you have finished the join process, you do not need to do it again. In the future, you will be able to access the SRCC Slack with the direct link:

List of channels available on the SRCC Users workspace

Channel NameDescription
#srcc-announceGeneral Stanford Research Computing announcements. Users are added to this channel by default when they join the SRCC workspace.
#farmshare-announceAnnouncements related to Farmshare and its services
#farmshare-usersDiscussions among the community of Farmshare users. 
#nero-announceAnnouncements related to Nero and its services
#nero-usersDiscussions among the community of Nero users. 
#oak-announceAnnouncements related to Oak and its services
#oak-usersDiscussions among the community of Oak users. 
#scg-announceAnnouncements related to SCG and its services
#scg-usersDiscussions among the community of SCG users. 
#scg-office-hoursSCG office hours happen every two weeks, in this Slack channel. Hours are announced in advance at #scg-announce. 
#scg-software-requestsA place to ask for software to be installed on SCG. 
#sherlock-announceAnnouncements related to Sherlock and its services
#sherlock-usersDiscussions among the community of Sherlock users.