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The HANA Immersive Visualization Environment (HIVE), our new visualization center built in partnership with the Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC) and SAP, located in Huang 050, is open to all Stanford faculty, students and staff. The HIVE will allow collaborative visualization in teaching and research across the sciences, social sciences, and engineering Researchers will use multiple displays simultaneously to investigate various aspects of data collection, simulation, and visualization and to zoom in to see detail at previously unheard-of-levels.  

The HIVE is a scientific visualization wall that is 10 feet tall,  24 feet wide with 13440X5400 resolution, aspect ratio of 112:45 or 2.49:1, and 72 million total active pixels. 35 46 inch ultra-narrow bezel backlit monitors in a 7 X 5 concaved configuration giving optimal visual stimuli for all research projects. The HIVE room has 16 individual inputs that allow 16 users to simultaneously connect to the HIVE. Controlling the wall are servers connected through fiber that consists of 3 main hardware platforms called Bravo, Charlie and Delta.

The HIVE now has a state of the art sound sound system that can be used for your audio presentations or teleconferencing. Privacy shades have also been installed so your presentation can be as private as needed.

More information at the HIVE Website