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Data Storage

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Oak Storage provides the research community with inexpensive storage for research projects, storage that can grow in order to accommodate increasing storage requirements. Oak is fast I/O storage for HPC, fee-based (see Oak Storage Rates), billed monthly. Oak is designed for all Stanford University research projects and groups, but not for individual staff members or students.

The Oak storage system is mounted on Sherlock and XStream. SFTP and Globus support are available. Oak is a capacity-oriented HPC storage system, designed by the Research Computing team for long term storage, and does not rely on a single vendor implementation. The software behind Oak is based on the Lustre file system and the Robinhood Policy Engine.


Sherlock is a compute cluster that includes a file system for storing data. Each user and Primary Investigator (PI) group is given access to pre-defined directories in these file systems, which they can use to store their data.

The $SCRATCH and $GROUP_SCRATCH file systems — nicknamed “Fir” — are meant to store data and code directly associated with projects for which you are actively using Sherlock's computational resources, with a limit of 100TB per person and group. The maximum retention period (for data that remains unchanged) is 90 days. Storage resources on Fir should not be used as a target for backups from other systems. If you’re looking for a long-term storage solution for research data, take a look at the Oak storage system (described above on this page) — Oak was designed for this purpose.



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