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Enabling Research and Discovery

We manage and support more than:

  • 45 petabytes of data

  • 2,200 HPC servers

  • 50,000 CPU cores

  • 2,040 GPUs

  • 14,000 researcher accounts


Get Help - Office Hours

While we have taken social distancing precautions for Research Computing (SRCC) staff members due to COVID-19, consistent with Stanford’s overall guidance (such as accommodating remote work for staff when possible), we have not altered the way we operate our systems and services (eg. Farmshare, Nero, Oak, SCG, Sherlock, SRCF data center, etc.).

During this period, our goal is to provide continuity of services to our user communities while also doing what we can to minimize health risks. Thus we continue to follow most of our standard approaches to system management and support, service requests, and order fulfillment. Systems staff who are working remotely are prepared to come on-site when their physical presence is required to maintain service continuity. A key change, though, is a temporary shift of Sherlock office hours from in-person to Zoom only. To facilitate this transition, users can make 20-minute appointments with a team member in advance of the regularly scheduled office hours. You can book your consultations here:

The SRCF and RCF data centers remain operational and supported.  We note that our general system and user support is not 24/7; our support hours are primarily aligned with Stanford business hours. Please do continue to consult our online documentation (Sherlock, Oak, SCG, Farmshare, etc.) if you have questions.

Research Computing and campus partners are ready to help meet your computation and data challenges during this time.  Information about help for labs during closure, and HPC resources for Covid-19 research can be found here

If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please email us at

The SRCC offers weekly office hours for our major clusters, assuming staff are available.  (If we aren't holding office hours, we will email the appropriate system user listserv.)  You can also email questions to

Sherlock Office Hours Information


Demos to Nero are offered every second Tuesday 11-12PM. Schedule your demo session here

We also hold office hours every Wednesday 3-4 pm, by appointment. Schedule your consult here.

Stanford Genomics Cluster (SCG)

SCG office hours are every other week, on Friday.  Until campus returns to normal operations, office hours are in the #scg-office-hours channel of the SCG Slack.  Specific times are announced via the #scg-announce Slack channel and the scg-announce mailing list.

Farmshare and Statistics Consulting/ICME (SMACC - Stat, Math, Algorithmic and Computational Consulting) office hours for each quarter vary, depending on staff schedules, but they always occur weekly during the winter, spring and fall quarters. The location is always outside the ICME lobby in Huang Engineering Building.  In-person office hours are currently suspended until campus returns to normal operations.


Consulting and Seminars

Need to make your code run on our HPC cluster more efficiently? We also offer one-on-one consulting services.


Systems and Services

Research Software Engineering Services

Learn about our major High Performance Computing systems- Sherlock, Farmshare, Stanford Genomics Cluster, ICME.