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SRCF Visitor Access

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The Stanford Research Computing Facility (SRCF) is located on the SLAC campus.  For that reason, all visitors need a temporary SLAC badge.  This page explains the process for traversing the SLAC campus, and accessing SRCF.

The process works best when visits happen on non-holiday weekdays, prior to 4PM.  If your visitor will be arriving after 4 PM, or anytime on a weekend or holiday, reach out to Scott Prevost as soon as possible before the visit.

For the Visitor

Prepare for Your Visit

To access the part of the SLAC campus where SRCF is located, you will need to bring some documentation and complete some paperwork.

The documentation: If you are a citizen of the United States, you will need to bring your driver’s license, state ID, or United States passport.  Make sure your ID is not expired!  If you are not a US Citizen, you will need to bring some additional documentation with you.  For details, see the PDF Foreign Visitors: Documents Required for Check-in at SLAC.

New as of September 2022: You no longer need to bring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or a negative test.  But remember, do not visit if you are sick and/or have tested positive for COVID-19.

The paperwork: There is a three-page form you will need to complete, which you can download as a PDF (srcf-visitor-slac-forms.pdf).  You will need to complete three parts:

  • Page 1, Section 1
  • Page 1, Section 4
  • Page 3, Part 1

Each part has a red X next to it.

You should print the PDF (double-sided is OK) and sign.  If you do not have access to a printer, that is fine: Copies of these forms are available at SLAC.

On the Day of Your Visit

If you are a Stanford affiliate, make sure your Health Check Onsite Access Badge is green.

If you have a printer, make sure you have printed and filled out The Paperwork.

SLAC is located at:

2575 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

GPS directions, Google Maps/Mapquest, etc. all work, and will guide you to the SLAC main entrance.

Follow the signs for visitors, stop at the guard house, and tell the guard "I am meeting [ESCORT's NAME] at building 53, for a temporary badge and escort to building 54."

The guard will direct you to the large building immediately behind the guard shack.  That is the VUE (Visitor User Employee) Center, where you will meet your escort.  Park in a visitor spot, go in, and wait for your escort.

If you do not have a printer, this is where you can pick up a copy of the SLAC forms, to fill in while you wait for your escort.

For the Escort

Before the Visit

Email Scott Prevost, letting him know the name of the visitor, the expected visit time & duration, and the reason for the visit.  Make sure your visitor has read the instructions above.  Give the visitor your name, mobile phone number, and Stanford email address.

Make sure your SLAC badge has not expired.  If it has, renew it.

Visitor badges are being issued from the desk immediately inside Building 53 (the VUE Center).  If the desk is not manned, go to the badging office.  Visitor badges are only available weekdays, from 7AM to 4PM.  Your visitor can be on-site after 4PM, so long as the badge is issued before 4PM.

On the Day of Your Visit

If this visit is to do work at SRCF, fill in a copy of the SRCF Service Vendor Expectations Checklist.  Print two copies, and take them with you.

Go to Building 53 at SLAC, and meet your visitor.  Follow these steps to make sure the paperwork is complete:

  1. ​If applicable, have the visitor/vendor sign both copies of the SRCF Service Vendor Expectations Checklist.  They keep one copy; you keep the other.
  2. Check the visitor's SLAC forms.  Sections 1 and 4 should be completed & signed.  You will need to complete Sections 2, 3, and 5.  If the visitor used the PDF forms, most of it is already complete.  If not, you will need to fill them in.  When asked for building numbers, SRCF is Building 054.

You can now go to the desk in the lobby.  They will take the SLAC forms, check ID, and issue a temporary badge.

You can now proceed to SRCF.  If you travel in multiple vehicles, you must be the lead vehicle.  Let everyone know to follow you through all gates.  Before you go through the gate, use the intercom to tell Security "I am escorting X vehicles to Building 54.  We have just picked up temporary badges from building 53."  SLAC Security will hold the gate open, so that all vehicles may pass through.


Between the conference room and the data center, there is a sign-in form.  Have your visitor record their information.  Then, add your information, and sign.

If the visitor is a vendor, give your copy of the SRCF Service Vendor Expectations Checklist to Scott.  The vendor will keep the other copy; tell them to keep it for a few days, in case they test positive for COVID-19.


Record the departure time on the sign-in form (next to the data center entrance).  Escort your visitor to the guard house.  If your visitor is leaving only for a short time, they should keep their temporary badge; otherwise, they can stop next to the guard house to return it.