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The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) Pilot

Today NSF, in partnership with 10 other agencies and 25 leading AI industry and non-profit partners launched the National AI Research Resource Pilot, a first step towards democratizing access to critical resources that will power AI innovation.

  • Survey on Researcher and Educator Use Cases for the NAIRR – researchers, faculty, graduate students, even undergrads who are struggling to access GPUs, data resources and other infrastructure are invited to fill out this survey which will inform directions for the pilot and demonstrate the need for the full NAIRR.
  • First open call for NAIRR Pilot resources – can be found on the The first open call targets a few NSF and DOE high performance computing systems and testbeds and is focused on supporting safe, secure, and trustworthy AI research.

Below is some additional information and links:
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