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SCG Genomics Cluster- Genomics at Scale

The SCG4 cluster has 20 compute nodes, each with 384 GB RAM, 56 CPUs each, and 40 compute nodes with 16 and 48 CPUs and 10GbE connectivity, with-

  • 2800+ cores and 4+ PB of storage.
  • 350+ software packages ready to use.
  • Scale out to the cloud with Google
  • NIH dbGaP compliant.

A charged service ofthe Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center

The Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center now has a 10TB RAM UV300 supercomputer

It also has a large selection of common bioinformatics tools and a team of bioinformatitians who can help you figure out how to use them.  Resources also include Google Cloud access and the Galaxy server, a web-based interface to bioinformatics tools and data.

For more info-

SCG informatics wiki