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SCG Genomics Cluster- Genomics at Scale

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The Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center offers a range of high-throughput computational resources, currently used by over 150 faculty members and 600 researchers in genetics and other related disciplines.  Designed for petascale multiomics research, these resources include a) a moderate-risk compliant on-premises cluster, managed by SRCC and sited at the SRCF, containing thousands of high-speed CPUs, petabytes of high performance storage, a comprehensive bioinformatics software stack, a supercomputer with powerful GPUs, and a large-scale object storage device for easy data sharing; b) managed Google Cloud access, with discounted services for storage and compute; c) bioinformatics consulting, where you can get help with research issues from senior bioinformaticians paid on an hourly basis.  These services are all offered in a supporting environment where questions about GBSC computational resources are quickly addressed by a knowledgeable support staff and user community.

The SCG cluster has 63 compute nodes, with 384 GB to 1.5 TB of RAM and 16 to 48 CPUs each, 10 Gbe/40Gbe connectivity and 

  • Total of 2600+ cores and 9+ PB of storage.
  • 700+ software packages ready to use.
  • NIH dbGaP compliant.

A charged service of the Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center

The Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center now has a 10TB RAM UV300 supercomputer

It also has a large selection of common bioinformatics tools and a team of bioinformatitians who can help you figure out how to use them.  Resources also include Google Cloud access and the Galaxy server, a web-based interface to bioinformatics tools and data.